Exterior Window Cleaning

Through multiple methods of filtering water such as de-ionisation and reverse osmosis we can reduce the total dissolved solids, also known as TDS of the water to 0. This means only pure H20 is being used to wash windows and therefore when dried onto glass does not leave any spotting that normal water does.

The dirt on the window is first agitated with a soft brush at any height up to 70ft, using hot water to help speed up the process and give a deeper clean. After all, you wouldn’t clean your dishes in cold water, so why not windows as well. This also helps the operative to work faster and therefore keep cost down for customers.

(Using hot water from our on-board heater also means we can work in sub-zero temperatures. Meaning winter doesn’t stop us from keeping up a regular service. We will even grit the pathways and anywhere our water has ran onto so it doesn’t cause a slipping hazard)

Finally the window, frame and seals are rinsed after scrubbing to leave only our pure water present ready to dry streak and spot free.

We also still do offer traditional window cleaning methods for exteriors in circumstances that do not allow or cannot have excessive water running onto the floor.



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